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Tech Incubator and start-up search engine optimization and business planning.

The first boom happened a few years ago, but now with the over 400 new top level domain the Internet is the wild wild West when it comes to URLs, applications and possibilities.

It’s like new islands are popping up all over the world and you can have it you’re part of that island by just picking up a new top level domain and building a cool engaging user-friendly website and start taking advantage of the 3 billion searches a day.

We believe most industries are just one great idea away from a shakeup. If you believe you can cause chaos in an industry, we would be happy to come along-side you.

We will provide technology, hardware, SEO training, marketing and proof of concept funding for projects we believe in. We will also provide the following:

Custom application development

Because it does not cost as much as he used to to develop custom applications more and more companies are taking advantage of what the Internet along with technology has to offer and are using it in unique ways to provide engaging content and services for consumers unlike ever before.

I fully believe every industry is either on the rise with leaders that are engaging with technology and are trying to stay ahead of the curve or they’re just one 20-year-old app developer away from seeing their entire industry rocked.

If you are in a industry that is business as usual, I would be very worried and I would also start thinking about out-of-the-box ideas so you can insulate yourself from what could potentially be the next Uber!

There’s no rules, Google, Yahoo, being, Facebook, Twitter did not exist just a handful of years ago and what did exist is now gone… I’ve been doing this for 15 years and if you would’ve asked me some of the big names back then will they ever go away my initial thought would’ve been no never but today there’s no rules it’s just the wild wild West and there’s nothing saying that the big five today are going to be the big five tomorrow and you or someone in your organization could be the linchpin to the next industry changing technology.

Start-up funding for proof of concept

If you are a start up and are underfunded or need funding for technology, marketing, search engine optimization we are your best call… If we buy into your concept we are willing to put our money where our mouth is and together rock and industry! If you have the expertise, knowledge and skill set to make a dent or shake up an industry we have The technology and infrastructure to come alongside you and really make a difference.

Gone are the days of one company trying to rule the world… Successes in the wild wild west are going to be collaborations of many smart people groups and organizations moving the ball forward to change the Internet


And More

So if you got a cool idea I want to collaborate give us a call 972.800.6670

We believe holistically as a company that a rising tide lifts all ships and we would be happy to be a part of something as big as changing the world!